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February 3, 2011
Barik, the Mobile Bar Hits the Right Target with Straightforward Website
March 16, 2011

In September 2010, our team was contacted for another project — to develop an interactive website for Rizal College of Taal. It was another challenging task for Likha Internet team for it was our first time to create a site for a school. At any rate, Rizal College of Taal staffs were very accommodating and they helped us with everything we need – from photo shoots to data gathering. And so, everything went

It was certainly a good move for RCT to have its own website. And it was also an excellent decision to take LikhaInternet Inc.’s website development services. We believe that when a website for a college
like RCT, is properly designed and constructed, it can provide an extra, up to date and easy to use link between the college and its community including the world at large. It would be like an online college information desk that is open 24/7 to provide pertinent details like contacts, courses, address and policies to netizens who are interested about RCT.

The official website that our team created for Rizal College of Taal used a formal web theme and design. The site is user/browser-friendly and can be easily updated by its end user or administrator. (Note: Whenever we deliver website, we also train the website user or web administrator on how to update and use the website.)

To see how well we have developed the website, check out
www.rctaal.edu.ph. Another thing to remember folks, it’s always an advantage to have shorter domain names like RCT’s okay? Happy browsing!