Putting Up Taal Municipal Government Website for Transparency and Tourism

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May 22, 2013
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During our meeting for the content of Taal Municipal Government website, it was then that we learned that the Department of Interior and Local Government mandated every LGU to have a website to promote transparency and honest governance.

Taal, being one of the most frequented town in Batangas by tourists, this LGU website aims to boost the local tourism by highlighting the places, the products, and the rich culture of what is tagged as the Heritage Town.

But apart from that, more importantly, Taal’s government website was put up so that the municipal government will be transparent in all its transactions, projects, programs, and budgeting.

Taal government website also has a page for online services where forms can be downloaded and local job opportunities are listed. This feature is deemed necessary to make the municipal government’s services readily available to its people.

Since Taal is known for its old town vibe, we opted for earth tones and have some vintage hues but we veered away from pure sepia. We utilized as much photos as we can for the background of the upper half of the site, featuring key landmarks of Taal.

View Taal online. Visit www.taal.gov.ph.