Barik, the Mobile Bar Hits the Right Target with Straightforward Website

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March 16, 2011
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May 10, 2011


In this social media age, having an online presence matters more than you think. Especially if your target market is composed of Internet savvy yuppies who browse the world online everyday. Barik, the Mobile Bar knows that exactly.

Barik is the first mobile bar in Batangas that does not belong to any catering service. It is “the first and the original mobile bar service provider here in Batangas” that offers all-time favorite drinks and new mixes to entice party goers for a good cheer.

The owner, Dante Inciong, Jr., had maximized the potential of his business by taking it online. With the means of social media platforms he’s taken advantage of, he was able to reach his clientele in a very efficient way.

So as to be able to make it all the more professional, he acquired our website development services and then Barik, the Mobile Bar website was born.

It’s always easier if your client knows what he wants. With putting up, we did not have a hard time as the content and the purpose were both vivid — they both should sell the brand’s service.

If you roam around the site, you wouldn’t get off track as everything was laid out straightforward. If you want Barik’s mobile bar services, just click the Book Now button and then you’re off to reaching the owner by stating what particular package you want to avail.

With Barik, the Mobile Bar, you don’t need to worry. Just party! Planning some partying soon? Visit Barik, the Mobile Bar’s official website.