Malvar’s Official Website: A Substantial Makeover


The Municipality of Malvar has an existing website when they became our client. Let’s just say that the old one needed a makeover. Glad the outcome turned out to be more than just a face lift.

Malvar is a 3rd class municipality in the Province of Batangas and is the Home of Nata de Coco Festival, featuring the town’s most popular product. It is also where Metro Manila Turf Club Race Track, the third Thoroughbred race track in the Philippines, is located.

Malvar’s progress in various aspects should be well documented and be disclosed to the public. That is among the most important reasons why the municipality came up with [Read more…]

Mataasnakahoy Local Government Website is Now Up!


Mataasnakahoy is a 4th class municipality in the Province of Batangas. Just like the other local government units in our line up of clients, Mataasnakahoy aimed for another development with the construction of its official website.

Before 2013 ended, was completed. Of course, this municipal website contains significant information from the town’s early years up to the present time where development rolls in between.

Among the highlights of the website is the section for [Read more…]

Constructing the Website of a Construction Firm


How do you build a website of a construction firm?

Lourel Development Corporation’s official website,, was launched in November 2012. The design and construction firm started in 1993 and has done huge projects in Batangas province and beyond.

When we started this project, we knew we had to come up [Read more…]

PCHA Website, an Online Portal of Hospital Administrators


The Philippine College of Hospital Administrators (PCHA) now have an online office extension with the creation of their official website –

PCHA is an organization of professionals who practice hospital administration. The leaders and members of the organization are from various parts of the Philippines, being united with the utmost goal of delivering excellent healthcare services.

The main purpose of this website is to gain new members and provide them what they initially need to [Read more…]

Take a Virtual Tour of Batangas in Its Provincial Tourism Website

batangas tourism

Batangas – It’s all here. It’s so near.

That’s how the Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office describe the province. Apart from creating that slogan and the “beautiful Batangas” hashtag, the Provincial Government and the PTCAO made Batangas accessible online for the world to see.

That is through the Batangas Provincial Tourism website ( which showcases the well-rounded magnificence of the province as it strengthens its presence in the tourism industry. Our web development team was given the opportunity to create the website as we have been contributing to the promotion of Batangas tourism through our [Read more…]

ALC Foundation Website: How It Serves a Purpose


Service to society. These are the last three words written on the mission statement of ALC Foundation.

Established in 2007 by it founding chairman, Mr. Allan L. Cristobal, ALC Foundation initially focused in providing educational assistance through scholarship grants to underprivileged students. Further on, it began formulating programs on environment and community-based livelihood projects. Everything for the improvement of the lives of the Filipinos.

ALC Foundation’s official website is simple, honest, straightforward. No complex [Read more…]

Putting Up Taal Municipal Government Website for Transparency and Tourism


During our meeting for the content of Taal Municipal Government website, it was then that we learned that the Department of Interior and Local Government mandated every LGU to have a website to promote transparency and honest governance.

Taal, being one of the most frequented town in Batangas by tourists, this LGU website aims to boost the local tourism by highlighting the places, the products, and the rich culture of what is tagged as the Heritage Town.

But apart from that, more importantly, Taal’s government website was put up so that [Read more…]

On Creating the Website of San Antonio Medical Center of Lipa


San Antonio Medical Center of Lipa, Inc. is not far behind the hospitals that succeeded its presence when it comes to providing healthcare services to the public. And since online presence has become a big deal for every establishment in this generation, San Antonio Medical Center openly welcomed the idea.

Our team has done websites for different hospitals so working for San Antonio Medical Center’s website is not new to us. They all have the same goal: to let the world know of their services, [Read more…]

Lipa Medix Medical Center Brings Services Online


It was not the first time that we did a hospital website. When we started brainstorming for Lipa Medix Medical Center’s website, we knew what we had to deliver – an online portal that will reflect LMMC’s advocacy of bringing quality healthcare service to the public.

The website shares the early beginnings of LMMC and how it came to be one of the best hospitals in Batangas now. Of course, the most important features are the Doctors and the Healthcare Services pages.

Located on the sidebar is the quick search for either a certain service or a doctor [Read more…]

A Refreshing Website of Villa Aniciete Resort is an example of a trouble-free and user-friendly site. Its simple navigability enables end users to see important information about the resort like contact details, photos of different amenities and facilities, resort activities, room accommodations, promos and rates without any hassle.

As for the design, it was simple yet tasteful. The colors aqua blue and green perfectly combined, creating a very refreshing background, just right for a pool resort site. The nicely done photos on the other hand, served as eye-catchers that seemed to invite its viewers.

If you’re on the lookout for an ideal resort [Read more…]