It’s a Soleful Website for Compagnie de Catalina, Havaianas Sub-Distributor

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June 16, 2011
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Havaianas is one of the leading flipflop brands worldwide. It created waves of demands when it came to the Philippine shore in 2003. Because of the growing demand for the stylish Brazilian flipflops, All Flip-Flops, which is solely intended for selling Havaianas products in the Philippines, was created in 2006.

And for Southern Luzon and Bicol regions, Compagnie de Catalina Corp. is the company responsible for distributing Havaianas through its chains of retails stores in Batangas, Laguna, and Bicol.

It was quite a long story how the team met the owners of Compagnie de Catalina also known as Catalina Bellefleur. But building the connection did not take a long time and with that in the running, we were able to gain their trust to establish the company’s website.

The site has to speak both the Havaianas spirit and the goals of Catalina Bellefleur. It has to be hip, stylish, cool, yet with the tone that speaks of a serious business.

There are links to all the AFF and franchise stores all over Southern Luzon and Bicol regions which you can find on the pages navigation section. Havaianas is fond of organizing activities and parties for their valued customers which you can view on the gallery with some directly laid out on the home page.

We thought creating Catalina Bellefleur’s website would be complicated but just like any other client websites we’ve done in the past, we were able to pulled it off and made the site look like this.